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Groovy Websites

Utilize it to your advantage—gather and store data, market your products, or kickstart a social platform with a focus on user satisfaction.

Data Analysis

We have the capability to monitor anything online, and for offline activities, we can develop a tracking system.

Customer Management

Maintain agreements, emails, call recordings, and the preferences of your contacts within a comprehensive CRM system.


Worried about IT security? Every product or service built by Archimedesign takes special care to be bulletproof.


Remote staff, multi-office environment, automated phone systems, mobile contracts and online communication channels.

Marketing Campaigns

Comprehend the significance of the data you gather and leverage it to offer personalized choices that cater to your users' requirements.


Where should I start?

Begin with a well-crafted website. It not only creates a favorable first impression but also serves as a tool for gaining insights into your business through data analysis.

Every project is meticulously planned and executed individually to achieve specific objectives. Each project is supported by a tailor-made plan designed to ensure your comfort in the new environment.

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Case Study

Diet Specialists

The Challenge: collect dietary information from website visitors and save it for later use; automate instant offers based on user requirements; analyse the performance of various campaign channels.

  • We began by creating a lead generation-focused landing page.
  • Next, we developed a sophisticated consultation form.
  • To securely store collected data, we implemented a CRM system.
  • We automated emails containing tailored diet plans.
  • The gathered data is then analyzed to serve as a foundation for future campaigns.



Case Study

Call Centre

The Challenge: remote users, call reporting and recordings required. Multiple phone numbers with just one receptionist.

  • We conducted a usage analysis to identify the optimal solution.
  • After careful consideration, we opted to transition to VoIP technology.
  • A comprehensive phone system was established (these can be running on-site or in the cloud).
  • We seamlessly integrated staff's mobile devices with the primary phone line.
  • The new phone system is operating on a budget that is 75% lower than the original setup.

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We are part of an extensive network of IT specialists, ensuring that the most advanced aspects of the systems we create are executed with precision.

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Multiple Businesses - one dashboard

We've observed that business owners frequently switch between multiple accounts to manage their enterprises. Our systems are designed with this inconvenience in consideration.

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About Archimedesign

On the market since 2013; based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Experienced in production of eCommerce websites, organizing marketing campaigns, customer acquisition and retention and data analysis.



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