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Groovy Websites

Let it work for you, collect and store data, sell your products or start a social platform with users in mind.

Data Analysis

If it's online we can track it, if it's offline we can build a system to track it, it's that simple.

Customer Management

Keep agreements, emails, call recordings or preferences of your contacts in a full scale CRM system.


Let our elite hackers to attack your business in a controlled environment to patch any discovered back-doors.


Remote staff, multi-office environment, automated phone systems, mobile contracts and more.

Marketing Campaigns

Grasp the meaning of the data you collect and use it to provide options tailored to your users' needs.


Where should I start?

Start with a good website. It provides not only a pleasant first impression but also a tool to help you understand your business by data analysis.

Each project is planned and executed separately to meet the desired targets. We don't use a pre-designed plan and we want you to be comfortable in your new environment.

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Diet Specialists

The Challenge: collect dietary information from website visitors and save it for later use; automate instant offers based on requirements; analyse the performance of various campaigns.

  • For start we've built a landing page focused on lead generation.
  • Then a sophisticated consultation form was produced.
  • To store the collected data securely we've used a CRM system.
  • Automated emails with suitable diet plans were built.
  • Above data is analysed to provide a base for further campaigns.




Call Centre

The Challenge: remote users, call reporting and recordings required. Multiple phone numbers with single receptionist.

  • To find the best solution we've analysed the usage.
  • Decision was made to switch to VoIP technology.
  • Full scale phone system was built and is running off site.
  • Staff's mobile devices were linked to the main phone line.
  • The new phone system runs on a 75% lower budget.

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We're a part of a large network of IT Specialists to ensure that the most advanced aspects of the systems we build are properly executed.

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Multiple Businesses - one dashboard

We've noticed that the business owners are often switching between various accounts to manage their businesses. Our systems are built with this inconvenience in mind.

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